Additional Amenities

For a more convenient storage environment, StorHub offers a variety of additional amenities as follows:

StorHub Lounge

The lounge for StorHub customers and visitors is equipped with a coffee machine, water purifier, and a clothing management device (air dresser) that can be easily managed before and after storing clothes.

StorHub Lounge

StorHub Meeting Room and Studio

4 & 6 person meeting rooms and a studio with shooting equipment are available upon prior reservation.
(4-person meeting room and studio cost KRW 20,000 per hour, and 6-person meeting room costs KRW 30,000 per hour)

StorHub Meeting Room StorHub Meeting Room StorHub Studio

Single-person office

You can book a one-person office regardless of whether you use StorHub Self Storage or not.

Single-person office Single-person office

*The space and amenities may vary depending on the location of the storage facility. For more information, please contact the storage facility nearest to you.

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